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We are Her Name Echoes!

Maybe you’ve heard of us before and maybe you’re just learning about us for the first time. If you are just finding us, Her Name Echoes is a hard rock band from Tucson, AZ known for their anthemic, larger-than-life sound that blends dark, theatrical elements with aggressive and radio-friendly rock. Members Joseph Demirjian (vocalist), Peter Cortés (bassist), Billy Shank (guitarist), Qusai Asaad (guitarist), and Ryan Kemmer (drummer) are known to put on a high-energy performance that has captured audiences since their inception. Give us a listen and hear for yourself!

For those of you that have heard of us before, thank you all for your support! We love making music and we love putting on a great show for you. We hope to continue seeing you all singing along and hanging out with us!

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Who Are We? A History of HNE

Her Name Echoes is made up of Joseph Demirjian (vocalist), Peter Cortés (bassist), Billy Shank (guitarist), Qusai Asaad (guitarist), and Ryan Kemmer (drummer).

Joseph and Peter started Her Name Echoes after members of their previous band moved out of the city and state. They were joined by Billy, a later addition to their previous band, and rounded out the band with Qusai and Ryan. Influenced by bands like My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Nothing More, and Escape the Fate, Her Name Echoes quickly developed a unique and captivating sound. Fans have loved the undeniably catchy, easy-to-sing-to songs. Their energy is magnetic and no one leaves a Her Name Echoes show without wanting more.

Joseph is a medical student at the University of Arizona who uses music as a way to ground himself from the fast-paced, high-stress life of medical school. Billy is also a medical student, attending Texas A&M. Peter is a software developer, Qusai is a student at the University of Arizona, and Ryan is also a student, studying informatics and music at Arizona State University.

Despite their busy and often conflicting schedules, the band stays busy. They released Cyclic in December 2016, preceded by singles “Innocence” and “Flatline.” Their songs have been featured on stations such as 102.1 Rock KFMA Tucson, Rock 89.9 Jacksonville, Metal Express Internet Radio, IPO Internet Radio, and ROTR Radio. At their last show, they teased a new song that will be part of their second upcoming album—something fans have been dying for!

Her Name Echoes has played at various venues across Tucson and the Phoenix, Arizona area. They have played in the KFMA Battle of the Bands show twice, headlined the CUP fundraiser show (a cause very close to Joseph) and, most recently, played at the Chester Bennington memorial shows in Tucson and Mesa at the end of July.

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